The Creative Process

“I first choose a subject that appeals to me, predominantly animals native to Britain.

Then, with the help of anatomical drawings and photographs, I work up some preliminary sketches. Once happy with the form and posture, this is drawn up full size on a wall in the workshop.

Normally starting from the feet up, I offer cut lengths of steel up to the drawing and the sculpture starts to take shape as each piece is welded together.

My goal with each subject is to add life and poise. This can be achieved, or not, with surprisingly subtle variance to the form and shape of each piece of steel.

The large works are predominantly made in ¾ inch square solid steel bar. Each piece is cut roughly to size and is then cold forged until I am happy with the progression of the sculpture..

There can be eighty or more components to a sculpture, and each specific piece needs to correlate well with the next.”

Two Short Films showing how we create Sculpture

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