Goodness me Andy, you are a craftsman. The hares are totally stunning and we couldn’t be more happy with them. They are now safely in position in our garden and look fabulous. Thank you very much, we both can’t take the smiles off our faces when we see them each morning.
Count Robert and Countess Lucy Szechenyi
Just wanted to say that we both absolutely adore him - he is so beautiful and graceful and characterful… very very grateful indeed for this great piece of art.
Emma Freud and Richard Curtis, London
I cannot recommend Andrew or his work highly enough. We are very proud of our trio of Sika. I must say they are also appreciated by their cousins who visit them from time to time; a very interesting site.
The Viscountess Brookeborough
Our stallion really is wonderful!
John and Melanie Bishop, Cheshire
Andy, my wife absolutely loves him. I am so pleased and he is fabulous. All worked wonderfully and he is now commanding a fine position on the lawn. Thank you so much, he is a fantastic sculpture. He is so industrial yet full of lovely elegant detail. We are very impressed. Thank you to you and your wife for helping Clare’s day have such a super surprise… she has declared he is the best thing she has!
Richard Golding, Buckinghamshire
Your Hind is watching us as we speak, so alert!
Michael Winstanley, Dorset
So pleased; Simon will be delighted. Many thanks.
Caroline Cloret, Geneva
They look stunning Andy, well done.
Mary Bettridge, Hampshire
All arrived safely to your schedule and are now grazing in the paddock.
Peter White, Argyll
Love the work Andrew; a rare talent.
Chantelle Montefiore, Florence
Our lake is now resplendent with your Stag; so pleased!
Susan Gant, Wiltshire
Hi Andy, Just wanted to let you know that your Alert Hind was the centrepiece at my husband’s birthday celebrations and he was absolutely thrilled!
Amanda Cully, Gloucestershire
Dear Andy, Oh, que bella!!!!! Fabulous! I can hardly tear my eyes away from the sculptures!!! It is incredible what you can do with metal!
Rolfe Kuhn, Lubeck Germany
He has arrived. He is wonderful. A thing of beauty. Thank you. Best wishes