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Large Herd
Watchful Stag in the evening mist by Andrew Kay
Watchful Stag
Iberian Bull
Small Herd
Two hares boxing metal Wildlife Sculpture
Boxing Hares
Two stags, heads bent low engaged in a rut. Metal Wildlife Sculpture by Andrew Kay Sculpture
Rutting Stags
A stag and doe grazing on the Moors metal wildlife sculpture by Andrew Kay Sculpture
Stag and Doe
Small Hare Wildlife Sculpture sitting in the grass in the sunshine
Life size Hare
Howling Wolf
Angus Bull Wildlife Sculpture standing proud with the backdrop of the Yorkshire Hills
Angus Bull
Hunter Wildlife Sculpture leaping over hedgerow in a summer chase
Leaping Hunter
Wildlife Sculpture of Red Deer Hind by Andrew Kay
Alert Hind
Hind and Fawn Wildlife Sculptures standing on top of the Yorkshire Moors
Hind and Fawn
Young Fawn standing by a hedge waiting for it’s mother. Metal Wildlife Sculpture by Andrew Kay Sculpture
Young Fawn
Watchful otter Wildlife Sculpture standing beside a river
Lake Otter
Bronze running Cheetah on a plinth
Bronze Cheetah
Stallion Wildlife Sculpture running down the hills in the twilight
Stallion on Moor
Shire Horse plodding through a field of buttercups. Metal Wildlife Sculpture by Andrew Kay Sculpture
Shire on Ash Hill
Wildlife Sculpture of a Doe grazing in the field
Grazing Doe
River Heron Wildlife Sculpture standing by river watching for food
River Heron
Pheasant standing on top of fence post watchful in the winter sun by Andrew Kay Sculpture
Winter Pheasant
Haughty Cockerel standing on fence post
Haughty Cockerel
Cheetah running through the fields at dusk. Life Size Wildlife Sculpture by Andrew Kay Sculpture
Life size Cheetah
Alighting Heron
Two Swaldale Sheep standing in the field in the summer sun. Metal Wildlife Sculpture by Andrew Kay Sculpture
Swaledale Sheep
Wildlife Sculpture Dog Fox standing in the field in the winter sun
Dog Fox
Two Geese standing in the snow in the middle of winter
Snow Goose
Wildlife Sculpture of Hare running through the Yorkshire Moors by Andrew Kay Sculpture
Running Hare
Grazing Mare